Our adventure began in 1979 when the husband and wife team of Gisberto and Franca, hungry for creative and entrepreneurial freedom, founded what would later become known as FLY SHOES.
From the 25 men and women who worked initially to build the company, today we are more than 45, collaborating with some of the most important luxury brands worldwide.
In all these years both our passion and our respect for handcraft footwear have remained unchanged.


Much has been done since 1979. Mostly, a great deal of attention is paid to the continuous evolution of a fashion-based market, and the ever-changing demands that it continues to pose. We have modernized the company with constant investments in the production process (computerized pre-loading, vertical storage warehouse, X-ray system for shoe scanning) and highly-skilled labour.

Constant dialogue with customers is fundamental. It is what gives us that extra something to guarantee fast production times and above all the quality that has always characterized our shoes. Nothing is left to chance, all must follow an organized, precise and clear path.
Our development process always begins with a feasibility analysis of the product and choice of raw materials, to conclude with packaging of the finished shoe.

Moscatelli Family


From Gisberto and Franca to Simone and Matteo. From generation to generation, the values, experience, attention and love for craftsmanship that distinguish Made in Italy footwear in the world have been handed down. And the new generation has led to a constant dialogue with designers to offer them the best solutions to bring any creative idea to reality.