Our adventure began in 1979 when the husband and wife team of Gisberto and Franca, hungry for creative and entrepreneurial freedom, founded what would later become known as FLY SHOES.From the 25 men and women who worked initially to build the company, today we are more than 45, collaborating with some of the most important luxury brands worldwide.

In all these years both our passion and our respect for handcraft footwear have remained unchanged.

" The world has changed. Everything is moving faster and faster.Our Mission is to provide a quick and practical response for the needs of the designer, all the while remaining in firm contact with the art of footwear production. "

— Simone Moscatelli, CEO

We carefully choose the leathers and fabrics, and all the accessories and components needed, and take care of all the packaging phases.But what the foundation of our company will always be is our commitment to craftsmanship, enthusiasm for our work, satisfaction at the quality achieved, and the love we put into creating our products.


Our focus is on the quest for new technology and ways to invest, both in specialized staff and in cutting-edge machinery and software, to guarantee a continuous adaptation to the evolving demands of the market.

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